Flooring Options for Commercial Spaces

Posted on 13.09.2021
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Few Options for Top Commercial Flooring

While selecting the flooring options material meant for your facility, you must take a very close look at various maintenance requirements. This will generally play a big role in the overall cost of a lifetime flooring product.

Therefore, it is important to make proper material selection keeping in mind long-term value instead of up-front cost while considering commercial flooring options. In other words, you have to use a few value engineering principles while selecting your material.

This means that you must analyse the upfront cost, various long-term expenses, and also the durability of every material to choose that is the best-fit material for application.

You can consider the following few materials for your commercial flooring.

  1. Quarry tile

Most quarry tiles are quite durable as a flooring material. They also offer a little design versatility. It is available in different colours and in the size of either 6×6 or 8×8 squares.

In those areas where the function will precede, the quarry tile will be a perfect fit. It has always been the industry standard, particularly for commercial kitchens.

  1. Carpet tile

When you consider any soft-surface flooring, then carpet tile will be the longest-lasting and also very easy to maintain. When your broadloom carpet will be ruined, then you need to replace it with an entire carpet roll.

When your carpet tile will get stained, then simply you can replace that tile. It will require less labour, time, and material to maintain any carpet tile.

  1. Luxury vinyl tile

LVT can be your best option for vinyl flooring considering the maintenance costs. On the other hand, VCT (Vinyl composition tile) is initially much cheaper but it needs constant waxing, stripping, and polishing for protecting its surface.

Since LVT is designed with a certain outer-wear layer, hence it does not need any polish and you can manage it by with regular sweeping/mopping only.

  1. Epoxy flooring systems

In case of epoxy flooring systems, it will consist of a certain thermosetting resin that is added to a certain concrete substrate for high durability and also aesthetic appeal. Usually, these systems are quite cheap to install, last longer, and are easy to maintain too.

However, it is important that the coatings must be applied correctly, and they will be for many years remain chemical and abrasion-resistant.

  1. Polished concrete

Polished concrete will be perfect for industrial applications, also such polished concrete is much easier to install and very inexpensive to maintain. For installing polished concrete, first, we must treat the concrete substrate by using a chemical densifier to increase the hardness.

Then the concrete will be polished with a grinder and also sealant will be applied, which comes in many different colour variants for offering different looks.

  1. Commercial Carpet

Also, commercial carpet rolls can offer looks that can be both trendy and also customizable. The 3 most common materials that you will find for most commercial carpets are polyester, nylon, and polypropylene.

Whether you are looking for any modern, industrial, or luxury feel to your commercial space, you will find the right flooring for every situation. However, you must remember that the layout and design are important, and also the functionality.

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