Carpet Stains and Dirt removal techniques

Posted on 04.10.2021
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Various Techniques of Getting Rid of Stubborn Stains and Dirt from Carpets

Carpets are made of different materials like wool, cotton, fiber, and many more. The threads are woven to give it a strong and durable property. However, these threads have tiny gaps where food or other dirt particles inside the house can stick forever. If it is not cleaned properly, it can turn to fungus, allergens, bacteria, and many other germs. These germs are harmful indoors as they can cause insect infestation and different kinds of diseases. Therefore it is wise to contact professional cleaners who use different methods to clean carpets

When you’re planning to get carpets cleaned, it wise to know all methods properly so that you can choose your option better -


The preconditioning process is used before the cleaning method begins. It is done to pay extra emphasis on the cleaning process. Every individual has a different purpose of getting their carpets cleaned. Some get it done to remove pet odor, some focus on heavy stains, while some get germs and allergens removed. Once the professionals know the purpose of cleanliness, they use the preconditioning agent accordingly. This makes the cleaning process lot easier and fast. 

Encapsulation cleaning

This process is quite famous for heavy traffic carpets. The solution is applied to the carpet. It can be applied either by a rotating machine or a nylon brush or a spin pad. The solution breaks the dirt particle into crystals which are removed by vacuum. 

Carpet shampooing

It is quite an old process that was initially started after which other methods came into action. The shampoo and water liquid are sprayed with the help of a machine after vacuuming loose particles from the carpet. Later, the shampoo liquid is removed and the carpet is allowed to dry. 

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is done through the rotating or spin pad. it is soaked in water and squeezed out. the cleaning solution is sprayed on heavy stains and dirt. Then with the help of a heavy-duty motor on the rotatory machine, the pad spins on the stains and soil. these stains stick to the pad which is later rinsed and cleaned. The remaining dirt that doesn’t stick is removed with the help of a vacuum and the carpet is allowed to dry. 

Hot water extraction

Hot water cleaning includes injecting hot water mixed with cleaning solution, in extreme pressure on the stained area. The hot water loosens all the stains and dirt particles which are easy to remove. Later, the professional will sue the machine again to suck out major moisture from the carpet. 

Dry powder cleaning

Dry powder cleaning is easier and it cleans and dries the carpet in an hour. A dry powder with little liquid is sprinkled on the stained area, and then the machine with nylon brush is moved in all directions ensuring that the stain particles are agitated. Later, with a vacuum, these particles are removed completely. 

Professional steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is also dry cleaning which saves time of drying the carpet. Steam is expelled from the machine at high temperatures with extreme pressure. This steam removes dirt, mites, pollutants, and heavy stains. The steam also cleans under-pads and flooring. 

Dry foam

Dry foam is majorly made from air and liquid which leaves less moisture. The dry foam is made by the machine with the help of water and shampoo or detergent. This foam is exerted by the machine while spinning on the carpet. Once the foam dries out, the dirt and stain can be vacuumed.

Know the method that suits your need, and contact the cleaning company accordingly. 

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